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FinTech Executive Program

To create an innovative environment within an organization, we have curated the Fintech Academy for organizations who would like to empower their employees. 


Equitech's Fintech Academy is designed to equip the organization employees with tools to understand, take part and contribute to the FinTech transformation the financial institution is undergoing, and align the corporate vision transforming it into an innovative culture.

Part One

FinTech Introduction Class

Six Innovation Sessions

The Class will focus on the FinTech industry and market opportunities. Size of opportunity, threats of new incumbents, startup approach to FinTech and key figures of the industry.

It will examine current and emerging technologies around money and payments, markets and consumer experience, and explores key ideas, principles, and frameworks around RegTech, & Compliance, Cyber applications and social inclusion.

The 6 sessions program will include guidelines for understanding and evaluating FinTech solutions and open their horizons for new methodologies that can also be implemented in their departments

Part Two

Innovation Excellence Program

Three Months Program

Once completed the Introduction class, the course participants will return to their designated department and will initiate an Excellence Program, where they will produce an innovative methodology, service or product directed for their department.

During the Excellence Program we will guide the team members and work set workshops sessions on a monthly basis to align the solutions and allow higher chances of producing a beneficial business use case for adoption by the Organization


At the end of the Excellence Program the participant will present its methodology to the organization's executives and the department team members.

Value Proposition


Source of Innovation 

Locating hidden talents

New source of internal innovation.

Cost effective model for locating pain points



Smooth Future FinTech Adoption

Reducing the friction of future implementations

Produce Tech Endorsers



Aligning employees with the FinTech transformation process

Improving the sense of belonging to the brand.


Cross Department Collaboration

Supporting the flow of information between different departments.

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