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FinTech Transformation Advisory Services

New innovations bring new solutions that change the way corporations conduct business.


Equitech provides Digital and FinTech Transformation Advisory Services to Financial Institutions in order to overcome technological challenges and adjust to new trends in our constantly changing ecosystem.


We conduct in-depth research and analysis providing on-demand FinTech reports to support the FinTech Transformation process with based conclusions.


Innovation Review


Strategic Outlines Definition - current versus future innovation state analysis

Specific Requirements Definition - desired requirements analysis and prioritization to structure a coherent scouting plan

Research & Analysis - on demand FinTech and due-diligence services




We specialize in providing customized reports, business research and ad-hock analysis services for Financial Institutions.


Our research team curate each report to the real needs of our clients, providing them with the information needed for making educated decisions.  We will deliver a high-quality report upon demand, covering all aspects and benchmarks.




We provide due diligence services, in which we examine the legal, financial, and technical aspects of a company throughout the various stages of the investment process and evaluation. 


Additionally, our experts provide private investors with financial modelling services, valuations, market and financial analysis, capital management services and more, in order to support the decision making process of an investment. 




Establishing FinTech Ecosystems


Facilitating the creation of a vibrant FinTech ecosystem is essential in order to empower innovative start-ups.

We offer tailor-made programs to construct a foundation for sustainable FinTech ecosystems, utilizing the added values of a professional community including research, education and technology activities. 



Blockchain Advisory


Blockchain provides Financial Institutions with endless opportunities to enhance business processes. 


We will analyze the best use cases for Blockchain for any particular Financial Institution and implement a sustainable foundation for tracking relevant Blockchain solutions, thus enabling internal Blockchain knowledge and capabilities. 

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