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FinTech Innovation Through Education

As the technological landscape is rapidly changing, focusing on human capital assumes a vital part in creating competitive advantages. 


Equitech is driving FinTech innovation through education on different stages of the human capital life cycle



One of the challenges Financial Institutions are facing, is the adoption of new systems and methodologies by their employees.

The Financial Institution’s employees understanding of the FinTech Transformation process the financial institution is undertaking is crucial.

Equitech FinTech Academy is a designated program aligned to the organizational vision, encourages “Intrapreneurs” and  FinTech Champions who will promote the FinTech transformation process, generate internal innovation and allow streamlining innovation throughout the organization



The gap between higher education and market requirement is vast. Many of the skills and knowledge are not being delivered in higher education programs.

We have launched a series of FinTech accredited courses undergoing in leading Israeli universities.

The courses provide FinTech understanding and tools to evaluate FinTech trends and solutions, supporting the development of future entrepreneurs and making them “market ready” when facing challenges in the financial industry.



Financial technology is an emergent field that is rapidly innovating, fueled by diverse predictions and concerns for what this will mean for the future of commerce and markets.


This training course in FinTech, or technological financial innovation is designed to help trainees to introduce new FinTech ventures and to improve existing financial operations.


This course will also help trainees understand and adjust to the future changes in the financial industry and thus help investors and analysts in their decisions.

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