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Equitech is a leading FinTech consultancy firm, boosting the growth of Israeli FinTech Globally

New innovations bring new solutions that change the way financial institutions conduct business. Equitech provides FinTech Transformation advisory services and deal-flow management services to financial institutions to support technological challenges and their adjustment to new trends in the constantly changing ecosystem.

Services for Financial Institutions

For FinTech and Cyber Security Start-ups aiming to secure funds or penetrate new markets, Equitech provides investment banking services as well as business development and strategic advisory services in the fields of finance, marketing, compliance and Blockchain.

Services for Start-UPs

For Financial Institutions, Equitech provides tailored professional services including FinTech Innovation Strategic Advisory Services, Innovation Scouting Services as well as in-depth consultancy towards the establishment of FinTech ecosystems and innovation encouragement projects.

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Our Team

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Nir Netzer


Nir is a FinTech Innovation Strategist and a FinTech Transformation Advisor. Nir holds extensive experience in international business development, combining financial and legal knowledge drive the implementation of FinTech solutions in Global Financial Institutions. Nir is a keen leader of the Israeli FinTech ecosystem, driving its growth by hosting and lecturing in professional conferences.

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Tal Sharon

CPA (Adv)

Tal is a FinTech consultant specializing in analyzing the requirements of corporates and financial institutes. Tal brings vast financial and legal knowledge in order to bridge the gap between corporates and innovative FinTech solutions. Tal has accumulated extensive knowledge in the FinTech industry and to this extent provides advisory services to FinTech ventures in various stages.

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